What is Ketamine Psychedelic Healing?

Psychedelic Healing using Ketamine is a therapeutic approach that combines the dissociative-psychedelic effects of ketamine with supportive and integrative healing practices. Ketamine is either taken orally in rapidly dissolving lozenge form, or intramuscularly via injection.

Ketamine induces a profound visionary expanded state of consciousness which is highly effective for therapeutic reprocessing and growth. It is a particularly effective modality for reprocessing and resolving existential distress, anxiety, post traumatic stress, depression, chronic pain (i.e. fibromyalgia, migraine) and problematic substance use.

Ketamine differs in chemistry and affects the brain differently than other psychedelic medicines such as psilocybin. The Ketamine “journey” lasts about an hour, compared to six-to-eight hours for psilocybin. Both medicines share similarities in users reporting entering an expanded state of consciousness variably described as “cosmic,” “infused with love,” “connected,” “ego dissolving” and “boundless.”

Due to the potential intensity of these experiences, we put our primary focus on preparing participants for and supporting them during their journeys. We designed the Harvest Wholeness Center to create an environment that fosters safety, trust and relaxation. Our team prepares each participant psychologically and emotionally to navigate the experience before inducing the journey. Throughout the experience we remain present with each participant so that they always have an experienced, knowledgeable person to assist them in navigating the challenging parts of a journey.


Getting Started

Harvest is accepting applicants for Ketamine Psychedelic Healing for Spring 2022. To being your Wholeness Journey, take the brief assessment below to see if psychedelic therapy is right for you. If qualified, you can schedule a free exploratory call with a guide to learn more.

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