Knocking on death’s door…LOUDLY

Loss comes in many forms throughout life. It is true our work brings us close to families experiencing profound losses -- loss of function, loss of memory and loss of life.

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The Aging Revolution

As baby boomers stress an already challenged long-term care system, a collection of Missoula caregivers look for new and radical ways to change how we think of older people. Missoula Independent reporter Erika Fredrickson profiles Harvest Home Care President Kavan Peterson and leading pro-aging advocates.

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Love Conquers Ageism in Missoula Film Screening

On July 22 at The Roxy, Harvest will screen the film The Age of Love, a ground breaking new documentary that captures the universal nature of love through a humorous, poignant and unprecedented inside look at the dating scene for 70-to-90-year-olds.

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Missoula’s First Alzheimer’s Café

We kicked off our first Alzheimer’s Café last week with a small group of passionate advocates dedicated to improving opportunities for people living with dementia to engage in their communities. Join us for the next Café July 30 and every last Thursday of the month at Zootown Brew.

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