The purpose of our Compassionate Hospice Care and Support is to assist those currently on a hospice program who are in need of consistent, non-skilled carepartner coverage in order to remain at home for their end of life.  Our program offers respite for family members as well as ongoing carepartner support for clients to remain in their homes.  Our carepartners are trained in our hospice support program which is based on the Eden Alternative person-centered approach with an emphasis on empathy, symptom management, and safety. They are also trained in some certified nursing skills offering a strong knowledge base for those who are needing medically complex care.  We also take advantage of any local hospice training provided by our local hospice agencies, so we can stay current on all hospice practices.

This program also includes:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Healing and peace through music
  • Light message
  • Warm bed baths
  • Other comforting services

We help each person under palliative or hospice care to enjoy the utmost quality of life throughout their end of life journey.

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