Living at home with changing cognitive abilities can present challenges that are hard to anticipate and overcome without hands-on skills and a strong support system. Would you like to build a care partnership that balances both yours and your loved one’s well-being and abilities?

After participating in our Dementia In-Home Coaching you will know:

  • Practical tips and insights to problem solve challenging situations for a more joyous carepartner relationship.
  • How to better communicate and understand “unmet” needs.
  • How to prepare visitors and family members for more meaningful visits.
  • How to create environments and routines that reduce the risk of sundowning and other behaviors cased by unmet needs.
  • Strategies to discover your loved one’s skills and interests, thereby creating a positive and more fulfilling care environment for the both of you.

Our coaches are certified in the Teepa Snow Positive Approach to Care ( and our philosophy is based on The Eden Alternative’s fundamental approach of Person Directed Care and Seven Domains of Well-Being (

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Our goal as Dementia coaches is to give you the tools to better understand what dementia is, how to recognize the “unmet” needs behind distressing behaviors, and how to be present and embrace the world your loved one lives in.

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