Changing Aging by Engaging Community

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Designed to tap into and release the collective intelligence of all participants, this innovative workshop aims to upend the traditional model for in-home services and explore more collaborative approaches that harness our community’s full potential.

Facilitated by Harvest President Kavan Peterson and  Fisher Qua from Back-Loop consulting in Seattle, we will introduce a unique and wickedly fun approach to participatory design called “Liberating Structures.” This approach has gained international renown for revolutionizing corporations, sciences, higher education and social movements by unleashing creativity, sense-making and meaningful action. Among the actions we hope to take:

Co-designing new services that are affordable and meet community needs, such as Adult Day, Dementia Arts and subscription-based services.

Building self-directed teams where everyone wins.

Putting domains of well-being into practice

Tapping into the mentorship capacity of our community

Cracking the conundrum of staffing and scheduling chaos

Participation is FREE and open to our staff, clients and friends.

Join us afterwards for happy hour snacks and drinks!