Strength, Purpose and Belonging

MESH is a game-changing program to increase well-being and independence. It works on every level — physically, emotionally, mentally. We offer measurable, evidence-based strategies to increase strength, purpose and belonging based on the M.E.S.H. methodology: Move, Eat, Sleep and Heal.

MESH Care was developed by world-renowned geriatrician Dr. Bill Thomas. Dr. Thomas argues that conventional aging services comes with unacceptably high levels of sleep deprivation, inadequate nourishment, insufficiently treated pain, difficulty of contending with a baffling array of mentally challenging situations, the over-use of medications that alter cognition and physical function, and acute deconditioning caused by excessive bed rest and inactivity. The MESH methodology offers an alternative approach founded on the elemental human needs to need to move, eat, sleep and heal.

the MESH approach to aging


M- move: People need to move if they are to remain healthy and people who are not well need to move if they are to get well.

E- eat: People need good food and drink offered to them in the right form, with the right flavors and in the right company to fully enjoy it.

S- sleep: As we get older, how we sleep changes. That’s normal! But to adjust we must cultivate healthy sleep habits and routines in order to increase strength and resilience.

H- heal: Conventional medical practice long relied on the conceit that doctors (and their technologies) have the power to help us go back to the way things were. As we get older, we learn this is not true. Healing means learning to go forward

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